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How It Works


So You Want To Know How It Works?


We use a very secure, powerful custom remote support tool, called TeamViewer. This powerful tool is what allows us to work on your computer(s) to perform any software related diagnostics, repairs, and data backups. Here we will show you how to install this piece of software to help get you connected faster.

Once you have selected the service that best fits you, kindly proceed to Checkout.

Once Checkout is complete you will be prompted to download our remote software, if you’re not prompted to download the software the simply click “My Account” on the upper right corner of the webpage where you will be able to download the required software package.


Step 1


You will be redirect to a download page that looks similar to the screenshot above. Once the software finishes downloading run the program by clicking on the finished download. A prompted will pop-up asking, “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? ” To install this program you need to select “Yes. ”


Step 2


Once the program opens there will a “Session Code”, “Your Name” field, and a “Description” field. Please enter in the name of the person on the order. In the “Description field you can enter in your order number that you receive via email (but is not required). This simply helps us locate your order efficiently. Please call us and give this “Session Code” to us so we can remote connect to your computer to configure and execute your service accordingly. You will need to be in front of the computer to accept the remote connection (see next step for more details).


Step 3


After you have given us the required information to access your computer we will initiate the remote connection. A popup similar to the one shown here will ask you to “Allow” the remote connection. If you do not click that button, we cannot gain access to your computer.

*Note* Each time you want us to connect to your computer, you will have to accept the connection unless you unattended access setup with us. This is a good option if you want us to remotely connect to your computer when you are unable to give us the permission to access it. Rest assured that we do not access your computer(s) unless an appointment is made to do so.


That’s all there is to it!

After we have gained access to your computer you are free to sit and watch us work, or go about doing other tasks, but be sure to not touch your keyboard or mouse until we either instruct you to or until we are disconnected.

*Note* You will always be able to tell if we are connected to you or not because when we are connected your desktop background will be a solid black color and our remote tool icon will be in the lower right corner of your screen.