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Welcome to the FAQ page!

Technology can be very useful, but we all know that it can be challenging at times and that’s what we are here for! Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions to see if that can answer some of your thoughts about getting supported today!

  • Since Dedicated Tech Gurus isn’t local, how do you offer support?
  • Our support is handled remotely with powerful software over a high-speed internet connection as well as over the phone, so there is no need to take your system anywhere when it needs work.

  • I’m worried about my security and privacy. Will this be an issue?
  • Not at all. Our remote software is up to date with the latest security! Not only that but all of our technicians go through heavy background checks as well as training to ensure that the only files being viewed on your machine(s) are the ones needed to get the job done, nothing more.

  • Will my machine(s) be connected to when I’m not around?
  • Depending on what service you choose. We do offer services that require us to connect to your systems during off hours when the machines aren’t being used so our work doesn’t interfere with your work. Your computer will never be connected to unless it’s being worked on, at a time that is set by strictly by you.

  • I don’t like talking to people outside of the U.S. over the phone when trying to resolve a technical issue, will this be an issue for me?
  • Not one bit, even though we are a remote based business, we are located right in the United States

  • I have a hardware issue, can you fix it?
  • Unfortunately at this time we do not offer hardware repair services

  • What is the difference between Dedicated Tech Gurus and local IT shops near me?
  • Because we are based online we save you time and money by not having to disconnect your machine and bringing it in for service.

  • Why is pricing better at this firm than local shops?
  • By working remotely we don’t have the need for large rental spaces that your local shops do, so we take those savings and pass them onto you!

  • I only have one computer, do I really need to be supported?
  • Yes, it’s always good to have a trusted professional to turn to when something comes up because lets face it, stuff happens.

  • I rarely have computer issues, can’t I take my computers to a local shop when I have problems?
  • You can if you would like, however, a year of our support costs about the same as one single visit to a local repair shop.

  • In what forms can Dedicated Tech Gurus be contacted?
  • We can be contacted by email, online chat, phone, and Skype. You can get these details by clicking “Contact Us”

  • If I’m having a technical issue, how do I get it resolved?
  • You can get the issue resolved by using any form of communication listed above, or by submitting a ticket under the “Support Tab” on the website, labeled “SUBMIT TICKET.”

Unanswered questions? Please feel free to contact us!